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About Us

Passion, skill, on the pulse of society

Rumination LLC grew from a passion for film, art, and the art of film-making.  Founder Rumi Tominaga began her career as a visual artist, specializing in sculpture and installations.
Prior to producing films, Rumi has worked as an art director for feature films, music videos and commercials.  She has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York City and Memphis before making her international move to Japan in 2012.

Rumination enjoys collaborating with clients to bring their visions for advertising, commercial and music video content to fruition.
In the realm of documentaries, independent short and feature films, the goal is to continue to support filmmakers who are unafraid to articulate their stories and visions, especially those that address the question of human identity.


Based in Tokyo, but with projects spanning the globe, Rumination combines bilingual skills and multicultural outlooks to get the job done.

Behind Our 


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